Thursday, 16 June 2016

Almotahida Education Systems Pvt.Ltd, Infopark Thrissur

Almotahida Education Systems Pvt.Ltd, Infopark Thrissur

Company : Almotahida Education Systems Pvt.Ltd

Profile : Almotahida Education Group, established in 1997, is a provider of turnkey education solutions for K-12 and vocational schools, lifelong learning centers and public libraries.Those solutions could include anything from customized curriculum development to creating interactive enrichment materials; equipping and integrating a smart school with technology and tools; and improving usage of your own materials by digitizing print and developing interactive lessons and quizzes. Additionally, we offer optional training on all our products and services, or we can develop proprietary training workshops for your school or organization.

Address : Almotahida Education Systems Pvt.Ltd
Ground Floor, 
Indeevarm Building, 
Infopark Thrissur, 
Nalukettu Road, 
Thrissur – 680308

Phone : +91 480 2735559

Website :